About Us

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Garage Sinister is the typical story...

A group of friends who met at work and decided to share some garage space, one thing led to another and a business was created.

We all originally met through our day jobs, which at that time we worked for a well known tier 1 automotive car company as development and application engineers so we come with tons of experience, knowledge & specialist skills. We are not your average back-street mechanics, more like automotive scientists, who can weld and use a wrench.

Garage Sinister is a developing business with strong partnerships and contacts gained through the projects we have completed and the cars we have sold.  We always use quality suppliers for our raw materials and consumables and always stick to using brand named parts to ensure the quality of our work. One our strongest attributes is that we are complete Enthusiasts as well as qualified professionals so combined its a good blend.

Our main purpose is to build and sell unique vehicles that have their own individual look and character with each build being tailored to a specific budget and application. 
We also have many years experience in importing Japanese vehicles as we like to source the cleanest cars available with the lowest amount of mileage.


Why use Garage Sinister?
Whenever a car passes though Garage Sinister, it goes through a rigorous, detailed, re-work and evaluation process to ensure that every car we sell or work on is of the highest possible standard. This process also ensures that the owner is getting a car that has been tested, verified and will provide many happy miles. We pride ourselves on our after-service and will help previous customers wherever we can.