Custom Builds, Commissions & Engine Swaps

This is our speciality....Engine swaps and Specialist commissions is our favourite type of work.  We can modernise classics with modern engine and transmission packages or create something truly unique just for you and your application. We make everything in house, mounts wiring looms the whole lot.  It does not matter how outrageous the request 'we are probably game' and nothing scares us...To discuss individual requirements please contact or call 07846884174


Start to finish project management, highly flexible and able to offer unique restoration packages including a door to door collection and delivery service. 


Our hourly rates are negotiable and dependant on project complexity (as a guide):

-Long term projects, restorations & builds -- From £35per hour* 

-Single hour, Short term -- From £45per hour*

No Hidden costs, hourly capping available on long term restorations projects. Pay per month available. 

*(Min hours apply and hourly rate does not include consumables items.)