The E21 - Episode 2

We have finally found an engine! 

To start with, we wanted to stick a BMW M50 motor from a 1993 530i. We even went a purchased a nice 530i to use as a donor, but we had a change of heart. In such a compact and lightweight car, a big and heavy V8 wouldn't work. Also, the front end would need a vast amount of modifications to accommodate such a large power plant. 

After scouring youtube for ideas, we came across the Beams engine, that can be found in Toyota Altezzas. It is small, light, N/A and high revving. As well as sounding great, being reliable and the perfect fit for the engine bay, it would suit the character of the car very well. 

In this episode, we start the process of swapping the engine and drivetrain out of the Altezza. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. 

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