Japanese Car Imports

Garage Sinister offers a tailor made sourcing service to suit you, whether your looking for an on the road solution or simply having the car delivered to your door direct from port, for the ultimate saving. We can purchase cars from auction, dealer forecourt or from tuning specialists.

The first option is a standard import service were we agree a price and provide a car to the desired specification with an MOT, DVLA registered, serviced, detailed and ready to drive away. 
The second option is to serve you as a trade customer or the hard-core enthusiast offering you the ultimate cost saving by simply importing the vehicle, clearing UK customs and you do the rest. We can have the car delivered at additional cost. This is by far the cheapest option if you’re looking to import on a budget. We charge a fixed fee for this service and will suit project builds, motor traders, motorsport projects etc.
To get started, take a look at the process in more detail here


Garage Sinister’s speciality is to offer various personalisation solutions from handling options, performance enhancements, competition preparation, roll cages, power upgrades or just getting the look right for maximum visual impact. 
We cater for every type of customer, from drifters to an enthusiast who is after perfection, or media companies who are after something specific that stands out for production or promotional purposes. 
We understand that certain enquiries require to be handled with utmost privacy; therefore confidentiality is at the centre of our business. 
However, if you like to show your car off, we would love to take photos and make a youtube video for our channel. Sometimes, even arrange for magazines or other media outlets to come down and take a look.


We are not limited to just the Japanese market. We can source and import cars from other worldwide locations.
As well as importing, we can export to most countries, just get in touch to discuss.
If you would like to know more about our sourcing services, or wish to enquire about a vehicle, please get in touch deejay@garagesinister.com   
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