Garage Sinister Import Process

Importing a car is a straight forward process that when executed correctly and professionally will result in a very sought after, rust free and original JDM car at a very good price. 
The video on the previous page gives an outline of the process, but below is a little bit more information.


Step 1: 

You will identify what car you want, decide on the powertrain and drivetrain, as well as other specifics such as colour, body type, condition and level of modification. A rough idea of your budget will also be required at this point. We will assist and provide in-depth technical advice on all the above. 


Step 2:

With the information to hand, we will start gathering quotes from suppliers and auctions. This can take a few days or sometimes a little longer, if the car you are after is very rare. We will be keeping you updated throughout this stage. 


Step 3:

Once we have obtained a number of different quotes, we will work with you to fine tune and agree a budget. If a certain vehicle is slightly more than what you wanted to spend, we can look at alternative options to reduce cost. For example, certain models will be cheaper if purchased as an automatic and then converted to manual in the UK at a later date. A service that we also provide. 


Step 4: 

At this stage, you will pay a deposit to allow us to start bidding. The deposit amount will differ depending on level of service and cost of vehicle you want. On average, this amount is £600 (this is for our basic 'option 2' service). 


Step 5:

The search for your car has begun. We will never bid on a car before running it past our customer to ensure their approval, so expect frequent communication with photos, prices, specs and more. Every car we consider bidding on will get a thorough inspection by our partner in Japan who will report to us any concerns they might have found. All this ensures that you get the best vehicle possible. 


Step 6:

The perfect car has been found and purchased, this is when the first instalment is due. The first instalment covers the purchase of the car in Japan, their fees and transporting the car to the docks. 


Step 7:

After crossing the oceans, your car will arrive at a UK port and that is when the final payment will be due. This payment will cover UK customs, shipping and UK processing fees. This process can take up to 3 months depending on how soon it is loaded on the boat in Japan. As per usual, you will be kept fully up to date. 


Step 8: 

Your car will be collected and delivered to Sinister HQ (Daventry, Northamptonshire) and will be processed according to the level of service requested or required. This is described on the previous page and can be tailored to your needs and budget. 


Step 9: 

The car can now be collected or delivered to your door (additional charges apply).


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